To Live and Let Go

To live and let go of the things that didn’t go to plan – the friends that were lost along the way – and everything in between, was something that had never come naturally to me. I was a planner who didn’t plan to stray. A wanderer scared of wandering further than my comfort zone…

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“I own too many books.” I remember thinking this last month as I realised I’d only finished two books this year – one of which I’d started in 2018. Now, having finished two more, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t own ‘too many books,’ I just haven’t been reading them enough. And so,…

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I’m writing a book!

‘I’m writing a book!’ Oh, how I’ve said that sentence in a multitude of ways over the past six years. It started off quiet – A mumble when barely anyone was there to hear. Then, something changed – I changed. I grew in confidence, and it grew louder – more audible for those willing to…

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