NaNoWrimo 2018: Week 1

November has always been a strange one for me, especially since I discovered ‘NaNoWrimo’ and thus became involved with the online writing community – a section of the internet which I wish I had discovered years before. For most of my close family and friends, November is no other than the month before Christmas – A time when university deadlines are closing in – A time when birthdays are just around the corner and the weather has finally began to change – A time when writing doesn’t feel quite as lonely as it does the rest of the year. So, in order to celebrate the almost festive attachment I now have to this not so secret writing challenge, I thought it would be fun to update my progress once a week throughout the month.

Now, let us begin with the backstory for my ‘NaNoWrimo’ project …

During the final year of my degree, I was tasked with writing the beginning of a novel, a collection of short stories or poetry. Naturally, as anyone who knows me would have guessed, I chose the novel route and my first drafting journey began. Since then, I have managed to complete 35k, and intend to finish my draft at the end of this month. Now, here is the slightly unusual part of my ‘NaNoWrimo’ journey … I don’t intend to win. Having unintentionally lost for years, it recently dawned on me that in order to win this year, I would need to complete an 80k manuscript (having begun the month with 30k). So, alas, a virtual trophy does not seem to be on the cards this year, but at least a complete manuscript is!

Time for the statistics …

Day 7 word count goal: 11, 667

Day 7 word count: 4814

Don’t worry, your eyes are not deceiving you, I am drastically behind on my word count goals. However, for the first time, I’m not worried about it, and here are the reasons why.

Unlike previous projects, I’ve decided to choose the ‘edit as I go’ method, which means that although less words may be kept by the end of the day, I’m creating a manuscript that isn’t a complete mess by the time it’s complete. Having spent a year editing the first four chapters for an assignment, it seemed strange to suddenly aimlessly type words to get the draft done. So, no matter how many people try and tell me otherwise, it’s a process that I have found both helpful and reassuring – a factor that has given me the motivation to not given up.

Are you taking part in ‘NaNoWrimo’ this year?

If so, please do comment below. I love connecting with fellow writers.

Until next time,

                                  Melis x


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I'm just an average teenager who spends too much time daydreaming. I also love reading and have a passion for creative writing which is why I am an aspiring author.

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