The Small Things

On the 8th October 2018, I passed my driving test! Now, for anyone who knows me, this was something I’d built up so much in my mind that I thought it was impossible for me to ever achieve. I wasn’t a naturally confident learner driver. In fact, I dreaded nearly all of my lessons. So, when the day came to actually take the test, I was a nervous wreck. It was like the feeling you get before an exam x 10, and I was almost certain that I would fail. But I didn’t, and that is why I’m here to tell you about celebrating the small things.

Since graduating, I’ve been unable to fulfill the career aspirations that I’d built up since starting my degree. I’ve faced countless rejections, and alongside each ‘no,’ I’ve spent countless more hours hoping for a ‘yes.’ Now, I’m not telling you this to make you feel sorry for the graduate with hopeless dreams, who let’s be honest, wasn’t really prepared for reality post education. I’m telling you this because, no matter the failures, it only takes one small success to change your perspective, even if only for a day. One success to make you realise that, despite everything you haven’t achieved, you’re still capable of so much more.

So, next time you think you can’t do something, remember that you can. Sometimes all it takes is a positive outlook (and a bit of good luck), to get you where you need to be.

Until next time,

                       Melis x


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I'm just an average teenager who spends too much time daydreaming. I also love reading and have a passion for creative writing which is why I am an aspiring author.

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