Behind the Magazine: Meet Emma



Where do I even begin?

Emma was my first Twitter turned irl friend. We bonded over our desire to publish a novel in a writing group chat back in 2017, and before I knew it, I’d moved to Edinburgh and become an honorary auntie to her puppy, Hector. When we met in person for the first time, all of my flatmates instantly adored her. She’s effortlessly funny and charismatic. Check out her YouTube channel if you don’t believe me.

Emma is the mastermind behind “Writing Austistically,” a poignant personal essay about being a creative with a neurodiverse condition. When she’s not writing, she’s producing content for her BookTube channel, emmanovella, making digital portraits and prints for her business, novellastrations, and sharing her love for Irn Bru (the original recipe ofc).

If you’re enjoying these posts, why not leave a comment or subscribe? In tomorrow’s episode of ‘Behind the Magazine,’ we’ll be talking everything from PhDs to freshly baked pizza. You won’t want to miss it! For now, show Emma the love by checking out her socials and supporting her small business.


YouTube: emmanovella


TikTok: @emmanovellastrations

WHW Wednesday

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