Behind the Magazine: Meet Rachel



PhD student / Bookworm / Pizza making extraordinaire

I first met Rachel in Autumn 2019 when I moved into flat 17. From baking pizza dough from scratch to crocheting costumes, meal prepping to multitasking every working week, Rachel was the listener in our flat – the one i’d often vent to after a hard day.

When the time to commission writers for the magazine arrived, I immediately knew I wanted Rachel to write a piece. Similar to Akansha, who will be featured in tomorrow’s post, Rachel wasn’t studying creative writing like our other friends, but she had a unique insight that I wanted to tap into. In the months since I’d gotten to know her, she’d taught me so much about her Jewish faith, overcoming adversity, and being wholeheartedly true to yourself. And that, in my opinion, was exactly what the WHW magazine needed.

Her personal essay, “Imposter Syndrome,” perfectly encapsulates the self-doubt that so many women experience in both an academic and professional sense, and I’m so grateful for this contribution. To follow Rachel’s PhD and Edinburgh journey, check out her Twitter: @LibraryGryphon or Instagram: @rachsalza

WHW Wednesday

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