Behind the Magazine: Meet Akansha



We’re over halfway through the ‘Behind the Magazine’ series and I’m so happy to finally introduce Akansha – My board game and zumba lovin’ queen of empowering others. We may no longer be in the same flat, or timezone for that matter, but I’m so grateful to have this special gal in my life.

From her constant supply of chocolate cake and ice cream to her positive affirmations, Akansha was and still is the perfect example of women supporting women. She taught me that it’s okay to go against the grain – to defy cultural norms – and never compare your struggles to that of someone else’s. We’re all on our own journey. You can’t control what other people do or say, whether they choose to stay or go. But some paths are meant to cross. And that’s how I feel about my friendship with Akansha.

As an advertising student turned unexpected poet, she is the author of “Disappointing my Mother.” Having been brought up in India, Akansha often reflects upon the cultural expectations placed on women to get married and have children. This poem bravely defies that stereotype, referencing the process of finding self love without the need for a romantic partner, whilst also considering the prospect of disappointing our parents with their pre- conceived expectations of us. It’s a wonderful,reflective piece that complements the longer prose throughout the magazine.

To find out more about Akansha, check out her Instagram: @akkunaamatata or Twitter: @PrakashAkansha

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