30 Before 30


Publish a book

A book that you would want to read. It doesn’t have to sell thousands of copies if it makes at least one person feel seen. Find the balance between writing as a career and a hobby.


Live in a different country

Whether it be for a few months or forever, I don’t mind. Just stop being afraid of being entirely alone. The world is too vast to stay rooted in the same place. Just because it’s familiar doesn’t mean it will make you happy.


Take a road trip with friends

Drive. Hire a van. Explore the hidden gems in the UK. Go cold water swimming and cliff jumping and lose track of time. Need I say more?


Run a half marathon

I’m not expecting miracles here or a personal best. Just run, okay? Do it because you think you can’t.


Travel more

Preferably, alone. Try it once. If you don’t like it, you never have to do it again.


Learn Turkish

I’m not expecting you to be fluent, but for the sake of every missed conversation – every missed opportunity to connect with family – you have to try.


Master a cookie recipe

For someone who would rather eat a cookie or a brownie, you sure do make a lot of cake. Be the grandma you’d wish to see.


Take a pottery class

Again, you don’t have to be good. Just because capitalism has taught you that you should monetise every hobby doesn’t mean you have to. Who needs a symmetrical vase anyway?


Invest in experiences rather than things.

Theatre. Live music. A comedy show. Attend at least one event a year.  


Actually, y’know, invest

As soon as you can. Before you panic. Before it’s too late and you wish you had.


Become more of minimalist

We both know that you will never be content with a wooden toothbrush and a duffel bag of clothes. Sentimentality isn’t a reason to hoard though.


Learn to cook

You can’t eat cereal for dinner and blame it on being a student anymore. I’m sorry. I don’t make the rules.


Zip wire off Snowdonia

It wouldn’t be a bucket list if you didn’t finally check this off.


Visit Peru

Climb Machu Picchu. See the Rainbow Mountain. Then, explore more of South America.


Fall in love with reading again

Choose one book for every year of your twenties. Keep a note of why they’re special to you.


Fall in love

It doesn’t have to be in the conventional sense. Just fall in love with something. If not another person, let it be yourself.


Go back to therapy

Whether it be for a few months, or years, discover what actually works for you. Find a therapist who makes you feel understood. Heal.


Learn how to make the best home coffee

Your bank account will thank you later.


Keep a Foodie bucket-list

Take note of restaurants, cafes and bars you want to try around the world. If you move to one of the cities on the list, rate each choice so you can be a better tour guide.


Bottomless brunch

Try it. Enjoy it. Make it a monthly thing. Live your life fully. Drink the margarita at 10am.


Visit New York

As far as dream cities go, this has always topped your list. Make this trip a priority on your American road trip.


Try hot yoga

You’ll either love or hate it. Problem is, you’ll never know if you don’t try.


Take up boulder climbing again

If not boulder climbing, pick a sport that makes you feel strong.


Get the piercings

I would say tattoo, but we all know that’s not going to happen.


Be more sustainable

Make small, tangible steps to becoming more eco-friendly. It’ll make you feel more in control.


Go on more hikes

If you have the option to wake up for sunrise, always say yes


Find a wine that you actually like

Under one condition, it must be a drink you actually want to consume with a charcuterie board.


Have a digital detox once a month

Pick a date and put all of the devices away.


Bring back the WHW magazine

Publish a quarterly issue. Put more work into this platform. Build up a following. Find what it is you actually want this project to become.


Worry less

Think intentionally, not more. Just because everything seems to be going wrong doesn’t mean it is. Each year will bring equal amounts of challenges and blessings. Learn from the mistakes. Reward yourself for each success.

'We Move' Monday

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