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Cillian Murphy stan / Poet / The Lord of the Rings (extended version) expert

As far as first impressions go, Pim definitely formed a strong one, turning up to the university highland games trip in a cardigan and sunglasses. Looking back now, I’m really proud of how far this girl has come. Most of all though, I’m just relieved she decided to invest in a winter coat. Kidding, of course (sorry in advance, P).

Pim is a freelance writer, talented poet, and mother to Wasabi (the panda from Edinburgh zoo). Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Pim studied her Bachelor’s degree at university in London and eventually went on to study her MA in Creative Writing at Edinburgh Napier University. Currently stuck in the query trenches, she hopes to publish her debut novel, The Moon Represents My heart, and with it, no doubt make every reader cry (trust me, it’s an emotional one). Her contribution to WHW: Issue I, a prose style poem about young love and growing up, titled, Fifteen, perfectly united all of the magazine entries as a fictional twist on a non-fiction piece.

More than anything, Pim was a great support system when I returned to Edinburgh after the first lockdown. We grew together throughout the year, but it’s our walks along the Union canal which will forever be my most cherished memories. From, quite literally, preventing me from falling directly into the canal, to pacing around Harrison Park like two mothers on a speed walking mission, I’m so grateful for those summer 2020 months and hopeful for the good Edi days still to come.

To support Pim and follow her journey to publication, check out her Instagram @pim.wangtechawat @wasabidapanda and Twitter: @PimsupaW

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