Are you experiencing creative burnout? Introducing WHW X Accountability Buddies

To my burnt out creatives. The ones with the ‘unrealistic’ life goals. The tired individuals who are too anxious to consume the levels of caffeine they actually need. I see you. I feel your pain. I’m ready to help you (and myself) succeed. In short, if you’re struggling with the latest — oh so trendy — phenomenon called post-pandemic fatigue, you’re in the right place. Let’s conquer the unmotivated, foggy brained nightmare that has been life after 2020. How, you may ask? It starts with this little thing called ‘Accountability.’

If accountability was a person, they’d be the reliable, quiet friend. The long-term pal, always there to bring you straight back down to reality. In short, they’d tell you what you need to hear, but never what you want. And after you’ve been forced to accept the uncomfortable truths, they’d make sure you put the work in to achieve what you set out to.


As included in the New York Times article, “To Create a Healthy Habit, Find an Accountability Buddy,” accountability starts with you. Whether you find a buddy, use social media, track your progress on an app or physically write it down, it’s supposed to be as simple as having a goal and forcing yourself to put the work in to see it through. Of course, nothing worth achieving is ever as simple as a to-do-list and a pack of fine liner pens. So, if you have a goal in mind, but feel like you don’t have the time or brain space in which to work towards it, we have the solution for you…

A safe space to share you goals and help others achieve theirs too. Comment what you want to achieve, and post updates every month when a new accountability post goes live.

The future starts with you. So, what do you say? Do you want to start your accountability journey today?

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