Mindfulness, meditation and finding mental clarity

The beginning of the year brought with it a lot of change and confusion. As the UK went into lockdown, it seemed as if we’d never reach a state of normality again. Now, as life starts to move forward (for better and worse) I’ve found myself looking inwards, reflecting upon the person I want to be. In the first ‘Sun will Rise’ Sunday post, I’m here to talk mindfulness and finding mental clarity. It isn’t enough to make the list. It’s time for us to start checking those goals off.

What are your goals for September, or are you looking at the bigger picture to the autumnal season ahead?

There was a time where I wanted nothing more than to be an author. So much so that I spent countless years working on manuscripts, only to let self-doubt creep in and leave them in forgotten folders only I would ever see. But when my unfinished projects mounted up, my desire to be a successful creative remained the same, and the guilt began to set in. I’d always wanted more out of life, so why was I letting my own imposter syndrome get in the way?

In January 2021, I sought out ways to move back to Edinburgh, stay in contact with international friends, and keep my head above the ‘dreaded post-graduation’ water. Now, as time has moved forward, and those goals have remained unchecked off my imaginary list, I’ve started to feel as if I’ve failed. And I’m tired of feeling this way. So, in an attempt to regain control, find happiness again, and be content with the here and now, I’ve decided to implement a list of achievable daily goals.

From meditation to journaling, going outside for a short walk to writing creatively once a day, I want to do the work and make a change. This isn’t about burning myself out to the point where I don’t have the energy to be creative. It’s about finding the parts of myself which I’ve somehow lost along the self-journey way.

Here’s to taking ownership of my own emotions and leaving the house more than once a week.

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