Behind the Magazine: Meet Sienna



Tarot reader / Fantasy queen / Chill vibes only

When I first met Sienna, almost exactly two years ago, I was crying over my ugly student accommodation bathroom. A few weeks later, her sink burst at 5am in the morning, and we bonded over a mop and a traumatic flood emergency. Over the course of the year, I would watch, and admire, as Sienna found herself through spiritual healing. Now, in one of the final ‘Behind the Magazine’ features, it’s time to talk all things tarot, Black female empowerment, and Mellis cheese.

Sienna taught English in Spain for three years prior to moving to Edinburgh to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. It was within the city, studying for her MA in Creative Writing, where she finally started to connect with her spiritual calling. From our student kitchen, to now online, Sienna would read tarot and life cards, eventually encouraging many of us, myself included, to trust in the cards and the timing of our lives. The start to her Edinburgh journey was a painful one, but from the heartbreak, Sienna emerged stronger and more resilient than ever.

Now the founder of Divine Black Feminine — an Instagram account dedicated to spiritual healing and tarot — Sienna teaches English online and has recently begun live-streaming on the TELLER app. Always impartial to a glass of wine and cheese from the Mellis cheese-monger, she will always epitomise good times and chill vibes. Her short story, “A World of Her Tears,” is a perfect example of her world-building, and the fantasy genre which she hopes to one day publish work within.

To support Sienna and follow her journey to publication, check out her Instagram accounts: @siennabennaa and @divineblackfeminine

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