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25 Going on 30

I never really understood the appeal in being ‘thirty, flirty, and thriving’ in the 2004 film, '13 Going on 30.' I was too preoccupied with the notion of actually turning thirteen. 

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Behind the Magazine: Meet Pim

Pim MEET THE WRITER Cillian Murphy stan / Poet / The Lord of the Rings (extended version) expert As far as first impressions go, Pim definitely formed a strong one, turning up to the university highland games trip in a cardigan and sunglasses. Looking back now, I’m really proud of how far this girl has…

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30 Before 30

01 Publish a book A book that you would want to read. It doesn’t have to sell thousands of copies if it makes at least one person feel seen. Find the balance between writing as a career and a hobby. 02 Live in a different country Whether it be for a few months or forever,…

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