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To be a woman in the twenty-first century

This post explores the stark reality facing women across the UK and worldwide as Femicide rates continue to increase. In a society that teaches young girls to never walk a dark street alone, it isn't enough to place the burden on women alone. E must all come together, regardless of gender identity, to incite change. Only then can we hope for a future whether the next generation of young women don't have to experience the same.

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You are NOT your Dress Size

This post is in conjunction with #NationalEatingDisorderAwarenessWeek You are not your dress size. You are a human who wears clothes that so happen to have a number attached to them. And sometimes, you are unfortunate enough to experience the inconsistent labelling that can cause even the most confident among us to question their worth. Towards…

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Hindsight is 20/20

Last year, as an act of defiance against the phrase “New Year. New You,” I titled my end of year reflection as “New Year. Same you.” Now, as I try to condense an entire year of change into a readable post, I no longer believe in the latter statement. As humans, we are bound to…

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Rejection is something we all like to talk about after the success is final, and carved in stone. Yet, to overlook this very real part of life is to fundamentally ignore a universal human experience. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, rejection comes in waves throughout our life. When we’re a child, rejection…

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