Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to ‘Writing Her Way’

This privacy policy is compliant with the GDPR regulations.


Who are we ?

‘Writing Her Way’ was created by Melis, the current (and only) blogging host.

What data do we collect?

When you subscribe to ‘Writing Her Way,’ your email is saved on the server. This ensures that you receive an email every time a new post is published.

When you comment on ‘Writing Her Way’ and submit a comment form, your name, email and IP address is saved on the server. This enables your comment to remain visible on the relevant post.

When you submit a contact form on ‘Writing Her Way,’ your name/email and IP address is saved on the server. They are stored in accordance with the purpose of the contact form.

Do we share the data?

‘Writing Her Way’ uses the Akismet plugin, which means that comment information, including: name/email/IP Address is shared with this third party service. ‘Writing Her Way,’ uses this service to filter out spam comments, which is essential for the succinct running of the blog.

How can you request for all of your data to be erased?

‘Writing Her Way’ takes your data seriously, which means that we will erase your data if requested to do so. Similarly, we will give you access to all of your data if you should ask. If you request your data from ‘Writing Her Way,’ information such as account data and list of comments will be exported to you.

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