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25 Going on 30

I never really understood the appeal in being ‘thirty, flirty, and thriving’ in the 2004 film, '13 Going on 30.' I was too preoccupied with the notion of actually turning thirteen. 

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The Highlight Reel

Life isn’t a highlight reel, yet why do I, like so many others, feel the need to pretend like it is? In many ways, curating a highlight reel feels a whole lot like losing your grip of reality. On a surface level, it’s easy to believe that this will make you happier. But the highlight…

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4 Years Later

On January 15th, I started writing the blog post “2016 is the year I choose happiness.” Four years later, I’m here to tell you what I’ve learnt, and why that blog post is now so poignant for me. I’ve spent far too long contemplating this topic, but thinking about something isn’t the same as actually…

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What is normal?

Normal Adjective “conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected” What is normal in a world that disguises subjectivity as fact? Before the pandemic, I had my own idea of normal. A few months into the lockdown, my mindset started to shift. Like a John Green novel, the emotions came slowly, and then all at…

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A Question of Personal Growth

“Do we ever truly change, or does the thought of knowing more than we did before serve as a placeholder for all of the problems we’re not yet ready to face?” PRESENT Blame it on social isolation, or the impending doom that I feel when I think about applying for jobs in the midst of…

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